About us

We manufacture high quality hot tubs according to individual wishes and requests. Products can reach any country in Europe. We can also ship outside of Europe.

We offer handmade production, for this reason most accessories for the tub are being custom-made. According to the needs of the customer, we can change the positions of the massage heads. Also, we can change the types of wood, and choose the type of stove and many other details.

Product variety, quality and customer satisfaction have been our top priorities since 2010. We founded company in  2010 and we are expanding ever since. 2021 we have refreshed our company with new name BalticTub. We focus on custom-made products, Hot Tubs and Saunas.

The heated, wood-fired hot tub frees you from electricity and pumps. Carefree just enjoy the sky above you and choose from our large hot tub collection for cozy 2 to happy 10 people!


  • We manufacture high quality production which meet all quality standards.
  • Confirm that customer be fully informed about our production. Selection, manufacturing, delivery and installation processes.
  • We continuously progress and ensure that customers receive information on various innovations.
  • Reasonable ratio of price and quality.

*Important: Please note that if you come across the same pictures/Videos with or without Btub or BalticTub logo not in our websites. They have been taken illegally, and therefore we would ask to inform us and we will take immediate legal actions against the offenders.