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A hot tub with a massage system can be one of those pleasures that your body has required of you for years. And you can have all that therapy in your home and it doesn’t require any extra preparation from you.

 Don‘t miss a chance to have this spa therapy in your home. We are sure that you and your family will love this purchase and you will be satisfied with the quality you get.

About Us

We manufacture all types high quality hot tubs according

to individual wishes and requests.

Our products can reach any country in Europe,

in addition, when needed

products can also be shipped outside of Europe.

We offer handmade production, for this reason most accessories

for the tub can be custom made.

  • We are expanding

    The company was founded in 2010 and has been expandong ever since And 2021 we have refreshed our company with the new name BalticTub.

  • Our priority

    Product variety, quality and customer satisfaction have been our top priorities since 2010.

  • Customer needs

    According to the needs of the customer, we can change the positions of the massage heads, choose the type of stove and many other details.

  • Our support

    We listen to the wishes and needs of each client, answer all the questions that arise and help to choose the most suitable option for each client individually.